Geology & wine


We are working to characterize the Geology and the influence on the wine of the Toro appellation of origin. A study that tries to find the influence of Geology in the Terroir de Toro. More news soon!

Mapa geológico de Geología y Vino

TEEC on the SIA


Another area joins the longest trail in the world, the International Appalachian Trail , this time in Zamora (Spain) by the hand of Manuel Iglesias, geologist responsible for the Geological Routes and Todo Esto Era Campo (TEEC).

mapa del Sendero Internacional de los Apalaches

Going to France


Never forgetting our origins, we went to France to continue learning. In the center of Provence, where rocks appear that we are not very used to: All This Era Countryside is going to discover the Alpine Mesozoic!

Francia, Geología de la regióndel Verdón

Geology & COVID


In the summer of 2020, with a terrible situation, we have decided to take people away from the crowds of the city and transport them to the most remote corners of the bustle: for this summer we have prepared several routes through the Infiernos de Almaraz, Peña Mira, Sayago ...

Salida de campo en plena pandemia


Activities for the people of the future


another way of doing things

Who are we?

TEEC (Todo Esto Era Campo) is an initiative that seeks to make geology atractive for tourists and society. For people who wants a new cultural perspertive of traveling.